do it for your grand kids…

Three things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth. – Buddha

It is hard not to believe the essence of what Vice President Binay is being accused of. In the eyes of many, he is guilty. It is not necessarily because of the allegations made at the Senate that makes one feel that he is guilty rather it is the manner in which he has acted in the face of these allegations.

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Many were probably skeptical at first. The elements for skepticism were there – the jilted protege acting as the chief accuser, the bullying Senators with their presumed hidden agenda and the timing of the investigation at the height of the leading presidential contender’s popularity.

Maybe the Binays did not take this seriously. Maybe they thought this would go away. Deny, deny, deny.

But it did not go away. Despite the distasteful way that the hearings were being conducted at times, the Senate Committee did build a solid and plausible case of corruption against the Binays. In the absence of a similarly solid and plausible defense, the allegations became the truth for many.

Yes – this is a political demolition job. Early on, I was one of the skeptics. Skeptical in the sense that I also believed that this would go away. At a time when it was difficult to fathom that things would reach this point, someone told me that Binay would be crushed by the time his enemies were through with him. Politically motivated or not, the Binays failure to answer these allegations, if indeed these are lies, may turn out to be the greatest political miscalculation of his life.

The truth is the greatest enemy of lies. As I said in a previous post – “…[T]he next step for the Vice President and his team would really be to take pains to walk people through a definitive explanation of how he amassed his wealth. Of course, they could choose to ignore this but then they would continue to lose the moral high ground. If nothing wrong has been done, the logical truth should easily explain everything“. Well they never did. Was it because of hubris or was it because they couldn’t?

I feel for the Binay children. Yes, we browbeat them to death because of what we perceive as their arrogance. Yet, when you think about where they are, what choice do they have? They are at an age when they should know. They either (1) know that these are all lies; or (2) know that these allegations are true; or (3) have no first-hand knowledge of the truth and would rather not know. With the way Nancy, Abby and Jun-Jun have acted, it is difficult to conclude that it is the first.

With that, they are placed in an untenable situation where they have to perpetuate a myth. We cannot expect them to betray their parents. Nor can we expect them to implicate themselves. There have been insinuations that the Binay children have been so warped by the environment that they grew up in that they rationalize the acts of their father and their family to death. They feel entitled to all the wealth that they have amassed for whatever reason they can conjure.

For many the truth has already revealed itself. The magnitude of the alleged corruption is too hard to stomach even for a corrupt system that we find in the Philippines. And if indeed the truth is that they have stolen, the lives of the Binay children would have been destroyed. How can one live through the shame that will go with your name? How can you explain all these to your own children who through no fault of their own will be burdened with a name steeped in shame?

Maybe people will forget. Filipinos, after all, are known to have short memories. But what if they don’t.

If you were Jojo Binay, what would you think about all this? Would you really want your progeny to go through all this? It is wishful thinking but if you had a little shred of decency left, maybe you should own up to your sins. If not for you, do it for your grand kids. They certainly don’t deserve to go through life defending your sins in perpetuity.