who is manuel “boy” mejorada?

Excerpt from an opinion piece in the November 13th, 2014 edition of Panay News.

Everybody in Iloilo knows that he started to make big money when he joined the staff of then congressman Augusto “Boboy” Syjuco, only to end up filing cases against the latter.

screenhunter_01-oct-02-12-54When Niel Tupas Sr. became governor of Iloilo, he employed Boy as provincial administrator, where the latter was in position to make “overpriced transactions” with contractors and suppliers. He was reported to have purchased for his office a P40,000 Acer laptop at the cost of P100,000-plus.

When Tupas “graduated” in 2010, Boy got back to media work. He also sought the help of Senator Drilon, who hired him consultant for the Iloilo River rehabilitation in the meantime. What Boy wanted Drilon to do though was to recommend him to be either TESDA regional director or Iloilo City administrator. Unfortunately, he did not qualify for both positions.

Whether or not he resigned, or was sacked, from his consultancy job, we do not know. What we know is that he started writing against Drilon and Iloilo City’s Mayor Jed Mabilog.

He also cried “unexplained wealth” against businessman Rommel Ynion in 2012, whose house was allegedly so long one had to ride a golf cart from end to end. That he ended up Ynion’s “praise release” writer when the man ran against Mabilog in 2013 remains a mystery to this day.

But who are we to judge Boy Mejorada?


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