dear boy

“It pains me to tell the whole nation that Iloilo City has become the bird’s nest of corruption in the country…”

– Manuel “Boy” Mejorada

Dear Boy,

You probably didn’t realize the import of those words you said when you said them at the time you said them. But you said what you said and you will never live those words down until the day you die. Whatever personal axe you have to grind against those you accuse of corruption, you had no right to besmirch and place disrepute upon the collective honor of the citizens of Iloilo City.

People will remember what you said. You called people stupid for calling for you to be declared persona non grata in Iloilo City. Stupid because you say such only applies in diplomatic circles. For a learned man like you to take such calls literally is pretty ignorant don’t you say? I don’t think a city council resolution is required to let you know that you are not welcome in Iloilo City. Yes – you may have lived in Iloilo City for quite some time but you are not from here. It is not far-fetched to think that you will be shunned in circles that you had presumptuously aspired to be a part of. You will be an outcast in a city upon which you have brought shame. We cannot even say that you are a disgrace to Ilonggos because again you are not from here.

Your thoughtless and inconsiderate acts will not be forgiven. The venom by which your name has been cursed in the past couple of days is unprecedented coming from the normally reticent Ilonggos. You should consider yourself lucky if you only wind up being the butt of jokes (Wikipedia?).

Your calling yourself an “investigative journalist” insults many in that profession. Noli de Castro and Ted Failon in their morning show today could only do so much not to burst out laughing or spew unprintable invectives at your calling yourself such. Wikipedia?

I hope you find it in yourself to reflect and maybe realize the raw nerve that you hit. Maybe you can find it in yourself to say “I’m sorry” even if you do it in the silence of your heart with God as your only other witness.

The people you accuse of those shenanigans will probably be okay because they have done nothing wrong. What will take longer to heal will be the hurt you have caused to those who have tirelessly, and without seeking credit, worked to make Iloilo City a better place. Those people who continue to work to make Iloilo City a place that it could be.

The people of Iloilo City are too decent to spit in your face for what you have done. But they will turn their backs on you. You will find doors shut. You will hear people whispering around you. You will feel their dagger looks on your back. That is what becoming an outcast is like Boy. That is what being persona non grata feels like Boy.

Maybe you will be okay being that outcast but I doubt it. You may have gotten your 15 minutes of fame. You may gotten the attention that you craved. But such will be fleeting. Then you will find yourself back to being the unemployed “investigative journalist” that you have been waiting for your next gullible sugar-daddy to make you his paid hack. Such is the lonely, morally-bankrupt life that you face.

If things are not yet clear, let me make it so – you are not welcome in Iloilo City so go back from whence you came from – “idiot”!




One Comment on “dear boy”

  1. GIL L. PEDREGOSA says:

    dear boy,

    if you have still that so called delicadeza, i would suggest you to isolate yourself in a far flung areas wherein you could reflect on what you did not only to the senate president but to the whole ilonggo community. whatever your motives are, i hope ilonggo community will rally against you and would always support the good man in the senate.

    what a shameful act boy. claiming yourself as investigative journalist also insults the intelligence of the legitimate ilonggo journalist.

    you have no place in a civilized society mr boy mejorada….

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