The Dasma Incident: Sense and Sensibility

As they say, there are two sides to a story (arising out of a conflict). What may initially seem like the truth may not eventually turn out to be that. This would be in cases where a reasonable and plausible explanation subverts or mitigates what originally seemed to be “black and white” true. The latter, often done as and termed “damage control” becomes effective when circumstances of an act or contravening facts undermine the “original story”. On the other hand, there are times when attempts at “damage control” strain credulity and only serve to exacerbate the damage. This is particularly true in instances where facts are twisted, where supposed explanations don’t make sense, when stories are muddled to confuse the observer. Further damage is done when attempts to mitigate this appear to be rushed. Below is the full text of a statement reproduced verbatim from Binay Spokesperson, Joey Salgado (courtesy of TJ Manotoc via twitter). You be the judge.

The inquirer relied too heavily on a source who was conveniently not identified. Obviously the source gave false and malicious information to the pdi.

Contrary to the report, no arrests were made, and the mayor did not order any arrest. The guards volunteered to go with the police. The video bears this out. This was also clarified by both the owner of the security agency Mr. Ram Antonio and the Makati chief of police in their interviews but pdi opted to bury their statements.

According to Col.Lukban, the guards left the police precinct after about an hour, not four hours as claimed by pdi’s source. Again,
this was left out in the pdi report.

Nowhere in the 20 min video did you see the convoy forcing its way through the gate. In fact, the convoy waited for police to arrive.

The mayor never uttered the words “Kilala mo ba ako” as claimed by pdi’s unnamed source. This is false and downright malicious. On the contrary, the mayor went down his vehicle and said ” Si mayor binay ako. Baka pwedeng makiraan lang.” He said this after the guard refused to believe a staff who said the mayor was inside the vehicle. The pdi could have easily verified this with Mr. Antonio and the guard.

It was the mayor who called the police to diffuse tension. Armed security guards were already surrounding the convoy.

We consider the matter closed. Mr antonio has apologized for lapses in providing security assistance to the mayor, a courtesy extended to all visiting VIPs.


One Comment on “The Dasma Incident: Sense and Sensibility”

  1. joy kim says:

    The mayor was out on a personal visit not out for a tour of duty. The subdivision has security policies. There was no emergency situation calling for rules to be broken and for the questioned official to introduce himself just to literally open closed gates. The subdivision residents pay taxes that pays for the mayor’s as well as his bodyguards salaries. Their vehicles, maintenance and gasoline are all covered for by city funds. They would not die if they took the proper gate as exit instead of “forcing” their way. Elected officials ought to show a little bit of humility from time to time. It wouldnt kill them if they did. They should refrain from acting as if they own their cities. Shame on you Mayor Binay.

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