a warped sense of economic well-being

Photo credit: evangelinetanalvez.wordpress.com

Do we really need to attract call center businesses into the country knowing that the 24/7 culture of this industry has helped disturb the fabric of our society (the graveyard shift, anyone?)? Do we really want our children to start their careers with a dead-end job as a call center agent? Should we really be proud of the fact that we have educated many medical professionals who are now employed abroad? Should we banner the fact that a significant portion of the world’s commercial shipping crews come from Philippines? Have we thought of how many families have been torn apart by the separation of its members?

The OCW/OFW program was supposed to be a temporary fix. When do we stanch the flow of our people outwards due to economic hardship? Have we even thought of it? I have no qualms about having people making the choice to leave the country but for many is there really any other choice? How many more parent-less children will we have to raise before we, as a society, realize that we are raising kids who will not have the moral grounding, the sense of family and the ideal home of generations past?


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