Philippine Football Federation and DepEd sign Memorandum of Agreement

27 July 2012


Philippine Football Federation and DepEd sign Memorandum of Agreement

The Philippine Football Federation (PFF) launched in February of this year its Grassroots Development Program called KASIBULAN. With the philosophy of developing football in every environment in the Philippines for girls and boys between 6 to 12 years old. the program ensures everyone has the opportunity to play and have fun. Plans were for Kasibulan were first drafted in 2010 by the PFF Technical Department with  FIFA Instructor Takeshi Ono eventually conducting a FIFA Grassroots Course and Festival last year.

Selected coaches from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao were trained on how a Grassroots Festival should be implemented. Based on FIFA standards and best practices from other countries, the PFF developed a template for its own Grassroots program which we call the Kasibulan – Grassroots Course and Festival (GCF). As in other countries, our Grassroots program aims to create a football environment where football will transcend cultural differences . Our challenge is to encourage members of the local government units (LGU) and Department of Education (DEPED) to support and promote football. But we also realized that for children to support the program, it has to have a fun atmosphere lots of interaction with other kids. In this way, they will develop the love and respect for the game. but most importantly for PFF, this program should contribute to the positive value formation of the youth of today. As of today, the PFF has conducted 73 GCFs for this year. This August 40 different venues all over the Philippines will conduct GCFs. By the end of the year, PFF will have conducted a total of 198 festivals with the support of our 33 Provincial Football Associations (PFA).

A GCF starts with a 2 day Grassroots Development course on coaching for football enthusiasts, teachers and football coaches. It culminates in a half day festival on the third day, where about 500 kids are taught basic football skills like dribbling, passing, and shooting with a taste of playing against other kids as part of a circuit training regime.

This ambitious dream of PFF to institutionalize a nationwide Grassroots Development Program is gradually being realized today with the support of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation and its Chairman, Cristino Naguiat, Jr.

Today, the PFF and the Department of Education will cement a partnership to rally teachers and students to try Football through Kasibulan.  This partnership will go a long way to secure the success of the program.



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