UPMC to manage Sacred Heart Hospital

Philippine Daily Inquirer, June 26, 2012. [Note: It is actually Mercado General Hospital, Inc. (parent company of UPMC) which will manage Sacred Heart Hospital].

New Sacred Heart Hospital Administrator Dr. Jose V. Tecson III (left)

THE University Physicians Medical Center (UPMC) will now manage the operations of the 65-year old Sacred Heart Hospital of Southwestern University.

A management contract was signed last June 21 between the hospital and UPMC.

The deal was aimed at improving the health care services of Sacred Heart Hospital, streamlining its internal processes and systems operations.

Human resource management, effective marketing strategies and acquisition of modern technology are their priorities. Both institutions will ensure will result quality yet reasonable healthcare to all.

“This collaboration will hopefully encourage more clients to avail of the services of Sacred Heart Hospital,” SWU president Dr. Elsa Suralta said.

SHH Medical Director Dr. Mirela M. Mijares added, “We strive for excellence in all our undertakings.  This is one of the management’s thrusts, to forge partnership with like-minded entities. This is also our way of responding to the needs of the Cebuanos.”


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