Official response of GMA7 to PFF Complaint Re: Arnold Clavio

The written response of GMA7 to the complaint filed by the Philippine Football Federation was received at the PFF offices today.

16 March 2012

PFF House of Football
27 Danny Floro corner Captain Henry Javier Sts.
Oranbo, 1600 Pasig City


PFF LegalCounsel


We acknowledge receipt of your letter addressed to GMA Network, lnc. President and COO Gilberto Duavit Jr. concerning the Philippine Football Federation’s dissatisfaction with Arnold Clavio and other hosts of the morning program “Unang Hirit” in its episode last March 13, 2012.

ln said episode, a news item reported on the national football team, the Philippine Azkals, winning versus lndia on March 11, 2012 and the coming do-or-die match on the 13th of March, which at that time was against Tajikistan. lt was mentioned in the news report that the Azkals’ win came in the middle of a sexual harassment complaint filed by Ms. Cristina Ramos against two membersofthe team -Lexton Moy and AngelGuirado.

As you correctly pointed out in your letter, the news report was followed by an unscripted discussion among the hosts of the morning program which is the usual format of the show. We wish to clarify that the perceived grievances arising from the statements of our hosts were not part of a news report, which is limited to statements of facts and does not allow the personal opinion of our news anchors. Rather, your complaints stem from the comments made by our hosts during the commentary segment of the show wherein hosts are given the opportunity to freely exchange views and express their opinions.

We regret that you misunderstood Arnold Clavio’s comments. Arnold Clavio was referring to culture, not citizenship when he uttered, “Hindi ko kayo ka-kultura- Kasi wala dito (points to heart), wala dito (points to head). Hindi naman kayo Pilipino, nagpapanggap lang kayong kayumanggi. Hindi kayo dito lumaki. Mahirop yan.”

As explained by Arnold Clavio, he was merely commenting that, in his opinion, some players of the Azkals may have not completely imbibed the Filipino culture which puts great importance in its respect for women. Ms. Cristina Ramos, a former Philippine Olympic Committee President and the daughter of a former President of the Republic of the Philippines, was compelled to bring her grievance of sexual harassment before the Philippine Football Federation due to the alleged improper actions of two football players. The issue of sexual harassment is the root and essence of Arnold Clavio’s comments and the comments as well of the other hosts of the morning program.

For your reference, below is the statement issued on March 14, 2012 by Arnold Clavio concerning the matter:

Mga igan, nakakalungkot na may negatibong reaksyon ang naginq pahayag ko tungkol sa Philippine Azkals kaugnay ng sexual harrassment complaint ni Ms. Cristy Ramos. Wala po akong ganoong intensyon. Ang isyu po rito ay sexual harassment at kung may nagamit man po akong mga salita na hindi angkop, nagpapakumbaba po ako at humihingi ng pang-unawa. Dun naman po sa mga kasama kong nanindigan laban sa sexual harrassment, maraming salamat po. Seryoso pong isyu ito na dapat bantayan.

Our hosts were merely exercising their constitutional right to express their opinions even if others may not necessary subscribe to said opinions. And we acknowledge and respect such right of our hosts, much the same way that we respect the right of the general public and of your organization to freely articulate your views and opinions, so long as said opinions do not violate the law.

Contrary to your claim that Arnold Clavio’s statements are racist, discriminatory, libelous and malicious, we do not find anything racist, discriminatory libelous or malicious in the comments made by Arnold Clavio and his co-hosts. Consequently, we cannot accede to your demands.

We trust that we have clarified our position on this matter.

Very truly yours,

Ma. Luz P. Delfin
Vice President, Legal Affairs



One Comment on “Official response of GMA7 to PFF Complaint Re: Arnold Clavio”

  1. Ikaw Puko says:

    Now you’re talking about respect for women. Did Arnold Crabio respected Ms. Sarah Balabagan when he impregnated her and leave her out on the cold? About this so called sexual harassment, just read the papers and watch the news: GIRL RAPE BY TEENS, TEENAGE GANG RAPED AND BRUTALLY MURDERED. Who are the offenders? Fil-foreigners or Pinoys? This is worst than sexual harassment, is this the very same culture of Pinoys that Arnold Crabio is talking about which is not imbibed on the minds of Fil-Foreign Azkals?

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