talk2globe? how?

We are aware that you are experiencing temporary loss of signal. In the interest of national security, safety measures are being conducted by the government in the areas near Quiapo will temporarily affect our services.

– @talk2globe on Twitter

MANILA, Philippines – The Manila-wide (also includes surrounding areas) service disruption of Globe Telecom mobile and wireless services is such a glaring symptom of the long-known but unaddressed technical deficiencies that the company faces. It is not so much the fact that Globe has these problems that ticks you off it’s more their way of communicating this to their customers. The lack of candidness is disappointing. It would be nice if we. long-time subscribers, are treated more like people instead of being treated like inconvenient necessities.

Late last year, Globe bared plans of a massive upgrade of their system. I guess that was their way of acknowledging their issues which had long been known but kept being swept under the rug.

For today’s service disruptions – “national security” is the excuse. Okay.

Whatever the real reason is, this inconvenience points to either weak contingency planning or a lack of concern for its subscribers or both. First of all, I cannot imagine that Globe only knew about this prospective disruption only on the day it was going to happen (or maybe they didn’t – I don’t know). Whether they did or not, they could have launched a massive subscriber information drive to warn them of the prospective disruption and to make contingencies (like get a Smart phone or something). A one-day discount for post-paid would have been a nice touch to show it cared for its subscribers.

The other irritating thing is blaming the Black Nazarene procession for the disruption. Ay dios mio! The Black Nazarene procession has been going on for ages, wala ba silang natutunan sa nakaraang taon na puwede nilang gamitin para hindi na mangyari yung disruption na ‘yan? They even have the temerity to say “Black Nazarene procession that will temporarily affect our services as well as other Telecom companies in the area.” (Underscoring mine). How presumptuous. Globe – FYI lang – my Smart phone works well enough in “the area”. Even if pumalpak lahat na Telecom companies “in the area”, ganun na ba kababa ang standard nila to say na pangit yung service nila pero okay lang kasi pangit din naman yung iba. Ano ‘to – contest to be the best among the worst?

Globe’s subscribers are said to be skewed towards the higher-income demographic. These are people who will understand if you tell them the true score but they will likewise be the ones who will know when you’re taking them for fools.

I am an advocate of free market competition because of the ultimate benefits that redound to the consumer. Normally, having healthy competition is part of that philosophy. Despite this, I have been partial to the partnership between the PLDT/SMART group and Digitel/Sun Cellular. Why? Because they got to be where they are now by EARNING it. The customer is the ultimate arbiter of the state of competition.

Instead of “griping” about losing out in the bidding for Digitel/Sun Cellular, Globe should look inward and address their technical and consumer issues. That will be how they will become serious (and not token) competition to the other Telcos. Have better products and services, take better care of your subscribers, be more creative, be more efficient in utilizing your existing bandwidth, etc., etc.

No matter how many gazillion pesos you spend on upgrading your systems if this does not lead to a better subscriber experience then you will forever be stuck as #2 and you will only have yourselves to blame for it.

Globe ‘s (the company) mission statement and the vision that goes along with it sounds all great and dandy. Maybe at some point you will get to where you want to be but for now those are nothing but hollow words.


Transforming and enriching lives through communications.


Globe is indispensable to people’s lives –
We provide our customers with superior experience.
We are a center of excellence for innovation worldwide.
We create a rewarding environment where people strive for excellence and grow.
We attract people who are innovative, passionate and results-oriented.
We create superior value for our shareholders.
We make great things possible.


Customer First
Our customers are our greatest passion. We are personally responsible for satisfying and even exceeding their expectations.

We take ownership of and responsibility for our actions, decisions, and their results.

We strive to be best in everything we do, in an environment that is nurturing and fulfilling. We learn and make ourselves better every day.

We relentlessly create and improve products, services and processes for our customers.

We respect each other as individuals. We work as a team and support each other’s goals.

We honor our commitments. We are fair, ethical and honest. Ultimately, these are what count to our Nation and God.


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