a manifesto for iloilo

The Fundamentals

A. A vision

– what do we want Iloilo to be?
– what direction should it be headed towards?

B. A plan towards that vision

C. People to work on the vision

Thirteen Points

1. What we do should be premised on improving the lives of each and every Ilonggo.

2. Iloilo can only grow so much. Its development should be managed.

3. We cannot have truly rewarding growth if we forget and let deteriorate our heritage be they physical or otherwise.

4. Managed development requires looking at what we have in terms of infrastructure and knowledge to sustain competitive advantage.

5. The vision and our current state should be compared to develop a plan and work on our shortcomings.

6. Iloilo cannot be everything to everyone, we should focus on our advantages and maximize the benefits that we can derive from these.

7. There are good investments and there are bad investments. We will not be able to insightfully distinguish which is which without a vision and a plan.

8. There is a lot of money in Iloilo. These are looking for good ideas. We should connect the suppliers of capital with these good ideas.

9. Indigenous industries are waiting to be developed. Focus should be given to bringing these to the surface.

10. Private sector-led pressure should be brought to bear on local government to act. This should not just be in the form of asking but more in the form of leading government towards beneficial and rational development.

11. Knowledge trapped within the four walls of the academic community in Iloilo should be teased out and marshaled to provide ideas for development. Knowledge not shared and made productive is pointless knowledge.

12. Half-baked ideas will get us nowhere and may even hurt us.

13. Very little will be easy. Hard work, reasoned thinking and disciplined execution are required.



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