pinoymonkeypride – make what you want of it

image courtesy of the PinoyMonkeyPride channel on youtube

This is the channel of Filipino Artist Baron Buchokoy. Mr. Buchokoy is fighting against ignorance in Philippine society through the utilization of graphic materials such as animations and comic strips. He does not intend to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate his fellow Filipinos or any particular Filipino individual. He is not promoting hatred, violence and discrimination towards his own race or the race of others. Nor does he promote stereotyping and denigration against any Filipino Individual. He is against the people who are conspiring against the real progress of the poverty-stricken, third world country called The Philippines.

MAKATI, Philippines – I ran across PinoyMonkeyPride – a youtube video blog (I guess) – about a couple of months ago when I was sent a link to one of its videos purportedly tracing the source of the Cojuangco wealth. It contains well-made and thought-provoking (sa channel title pa lang kumukulo na siguro ang dugo mo) video diatribes against the ills of Philippine society. I do not know who is behind this youtube channel and I don’t necessarily endorse nor agree with its views and contentions. Nevertheless, its attempt to shock us into helping ourselves unshackle the chains that have held our country for so long may be something that we need.

The reason I chose to write about the existence of this video blog at this point was spurred by the subject of its latest video which promotes the parliamentary form of government as the best one for the Philippines. The video is entitled – BAYANIHAN = KAPALPAKAN MO, PASAN-PASAN KO!

It envisions a system where a Prime Minister is selected by a Congress which is composed of intellectuals, academics – well, basically an idealistic set of legislators.

The issue I have with this is not necessarily whether a parliamentary system is better or not but more of questioning how exactly we are going to get to a point where we are able to actually elect people who we need in Congress. The video proclaims the majority of the Filipino electorate is mangmang and bobo and cites this as a reason why we have the people we have now in elected government positions. But wouldn’t it be these same mangmang and bobo Filipinos who will elect these idealistic legislators?

Medyo malabo lang.

The video also points out that under a parliamentary system it would be easier to boot out a non-performing Prime Minister which could be true. But then again, what if this Prime Minister has the majority of Congressman in his pockets? Mahihirapan pa rin tanggalin.

Assuming, for the sake of argument, that it does indeed become easier to fire our nation’s leader – wouldn’t it also lead to an Italian-style situation where you have a new leader every 6 months or so? In this case, walang mangyayari sa atin.

My point is not that one system is necessarily better than the other, my point is that things are not that simple. There are consequences, intended or unintended, for a change in our form of government or any change for that matter. Kailangan lang pag-isipan.

I am a proponent of change seeing that things in our society are not what they should be. But change should not be just for the sake of change. Change should be a response to deficiencies and things that are just wrong. It should be based on a careful examination and appreciation of the facts. It should be done after weighing options. And, it should be done after the execution or implementation of this new way of doing things has been thoroughly mapped out.

Otherwise – what’s the point?


One Comment on “pinoymonkeypride – make what you want of it”

  1. andre varon says:

    I really have no idea why there was a push for the parliamentary system aside from our leaders’ personal agendas. And that is the root of most of our government’s problem. I think the leaders are not held accountable as there is not enough checks and balances happening. The people keep voting for the same trapos and their family members, and these folks gravitate toward government posts because it is usually a lucrative career move for them. Sigh.

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