match report: philippines vs malaysia (aff women’s championship 2011)

by Coach Ernie Nierras

We dominated this game. Unfortunately we suffered some key injuries, that forced us to make some unplanned substitutions. Even with 10 players, we kept on pushing forward. We could have played defensively during the 2nd half, with only 10 players, but I told the Malditas to keep on attacking. We played 3-4-2 part of the first half. and the whole 2nd half. Malaysia was able to score on a shot from our left side. The 2nd goal was a busted play down the middle.

It was an option to play 4-4-1 defend for 48 min, but I decided against that. I did not want our team to feel that Malaysia had the upper hand, being a man down. It did not help our cause that we suffered injuries to our right back, and center holding mid. This forced us to scramble people around so that we could continue to execute our game plan. The 2nd goal of Malaysia kicked some life into our players.We started attacking more, and running back like crazy just to defend. It showed the true character of this team. In the face of adversity, they did not surrender.

We equalized on the 83rd through a penalty kick. Even before our 2nd goal we had a few good chances to score more goals, but Malaysia held firm.

Malaysia suffered some injuries also. They lost their GK on the 25th min.

The team is totally devastated. We even stayed back and discussed what went wrong. I told them, let us learn from this experience, and move forward. I told them that the pain they are feeling will eventually go away. What we need to do now is to train harder and prepare for the next challenge. What is important is that they were able to regroup and tie the game.


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