match report: philippines vs thailand (aff women’s championship 2011)

by Coach Ernie Nierras

VIENTIANE, Laos -Thailand played a complete game today. We were able to contain their attacks and counter for much of the first half. They only had 6 attempts on goal, unfortunately they converted 3 of them. The first was a shot outside the penalty box that bounced of the crossbar (miscommunication with our mids). The second goal came from a diagonal pass from #3, which was converted by #5 (beautiful diagonal pass). Our plan was to shutdown #3. We did for much of the match, except of that one pass she completed to #5. The last goal was a total mistake on our side. We won the ball inside the penalty box, but as we tried to counter, our striker misplaced a back pass to #10 of Thailand. It was a point blank shot at goal which our Gk could not save. We could not move the ball offensively during the first half. Thailand was simply far superior technically.

The 2nd half was a different story. Thailand did not ease up. The game became very physical. The ref issued 5 yellow cards during the 2nd half. Thailand only had 4 attempts on goal and we had 3. They converted 2, and we scored on a set play from 40 yards out. The Thai GK could not control a dipper by Amamio. Heather, Sam and Camille followed up on the shot, and Sam scored the goal. This was one time that we were able to execute our set play. The game was very physical during the 2nd half. Marielle Benitez pulled her groin during one of those encounters. There were too many cheap shots from Thailand. I told our girls to fight back, and fight they did. They did not let up, nor did Thailand. They were so pissed with our players, they did not bother to shake their hands after the match. Our girls showed their class by congratulating the Thai bench.

Lots of lessons learned from this match. I was not as upset as the Myanmar game. I told the girls that I was very proud of how they played Thailand. They gave it everything. Unlike the Myanmar match, which I totally believe, we gave away (the refereeing being a major contributor). This match was different. It was dogfight in the 2nd half, and a tactical one during the 1st half.

I guess Thailand liked how we played them. They invited us to come over early 2012 for friendlies. We graciously accepted, and requested that Laos and Vietnam join us during the friendlies. The last time we played Thailand the score was 12-0. The best complement we got, was when a Thai official said that they’ve never played a team who tried to attack them as much as our team. He said the first half was much closer than the score line. I told him, I agree with him 100%. The Thai TV station even interviewed a few of our players after the game. I believe that this will be a rivalry in the making. I am sure that even if the invitation was for a friendly match, they expect us to go after them again. We will oblige their request.

For now I have to admit that Thailand outclassed us in this match. When we meet Thailand next year, our Malditas will be 3 international games smarter, and with an axe to grind!


2 Comments on “match report: philippines vs thailand (aff women’s championship 2011)”

  1. jash says:

    I am so proud of he Malditas performance. asian football world watch out. the Malditas w’ll going to kick you

  2. trish says:

    congratulations to the malditas! win or lose, it’s how we play the game that matters — we kick ass! best of luck to all your future matches.

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