a letter to our fans regarding tickets for the 2014 fifa world cup brazil asian preliminaries round 2 leg 2 – PHILIPPINES VS. KUWAIT

PASIG CITY – The Philippine Football Federation (PFF) notes with significant concern and dismay the feedback that we have received over the sale of tickets for the home leg of the Philippines’ World CupTM Qualifying Tie against Kuwait.

There is nothing more that the PFF would like to see than to have every fan enjoy the match at the Rizal Memorial Stadium on July 28th. The fact of the matter, however, is that we only have a little fewer than 13,000 seats available at the venue. This compares to our estimate of ticket demand being over 10 times that number.

The PFF has made it a policy to democratize the availability of tickets for the home games of our Men’s National Team. This led to the decision to engage TicketWorld to sell the tickets given their broad reach and multiple modes for the sale of tickets. In previous matches prior to our game against Sri Lanka, ticket sales were handled by the PFF itself which turned out to be untenable.  It is also the PFF’s policy to allocate the biggest block of tickets for public sale.

In relation to the sale of tickets last Saturday, PFF and Local Organizing Committee (LOC) staff were at some TicketWorld locations to monitor the start of ticket selling.  LOC staff noted early on that in certain TicketWorld outlets, the transaction limit was not what had been directed by PFF to TicketWorld. This concern was immediately communicated to TicketWorld which then called the identified outlets to issue the proper directive.

The PFF also took note of complaints about some outlets selling more than the 10-ticket limit per transaction. Given the rapid rate by which the tickets were sold, the PFF and TicketWorld could not confirm the veracity of these complaints before the tickets ran out.  The PFF has, however, asked TicketWorld to check their transaction records to trace these transactions, if any. The PFF will look into the circumstances of these incidents and will consider invalidating these transactions should these be warranted.

The PFF has solicited the help of fan sites and media to help gather specific information as to the complaints regarding Saturday’s event.

The PFF recognizes the importance of our fans. We will continuously solicit and accept feedback from our fans as well as other parties to make sure that we are able to address issues, complaints and suggestions as a tool to continue to improve.

Given our experience in our previous match, we had reason to expect that the tickets that were made available for sale the other day would be sold out and sold out within a short period of time. There were three major factors not present in the previous experience that contributed to the way events unfolded last Saturday. The first is that the performance of our team in the first match undoubtedly encouraged more fans to want to watch the game at the Rizal Memorial Stadium. Second, the atmosphere that people saw and felt while watching the first match on TV appear to have pushed more fans to want to watch the game live. Finally, tickets for this match were sold on a Saturday in contrast to the first match which was sold on a week day – Friday. This may have allowed more people to have the opportunity to buy tickets without having to take time off from work.

There remain a lot of allegations regarding “scalping”. It is unfortunate but there is not much that the PFF can do about this as there is no “anti-scalping” law in the Philippines. The best we could do was to limit the number of tickets sold to lessen the opportunity for unscrupulous buyers to accumulate tickets. The absence of a regulatory deterrent, however, makes this practice a legal, though highly objectionable, act.

The PFF and the LOC did allocate tickets for the following:

  1. Players, coaches, team officials and their family members;
  2. Local/Provincial Football Associations to make tickets available to those outside Metro Manila;
  3. Corporate Sponsors and Donors;
  4. the Kaholeros; and,
  5. the Kuwait Football Association.

The total number of tickets allocated to all these groups combined is less than that made available to the public.

We should be able to determine the total number of tickets to be taken up by the Kuwait Football Association by next week and make available whatever is not taken up to the public. We will also try to ask our sponsors and donors to make available some of the tickets allocated to them to the public. It is hoped that these two actions will allow the PFF to make even more tickets available to our fans.

We, at the PFF, empathize with the disappointment of those who were not able to secure tickets. We share here a Facebook comment by Tom Balibag which we quote verbatim:

‎…so frustrating being outside the wall of Manila. kailangan mong dumaan sa butas nang buhok para lang makakuha nang ticket. do PFF know how it feels coming from outside Manila, be early, fall in line like a civilized person then end up nothing coupled with a simple reasons “naka hold po yung ticket or ubos na po” or urging you to buy the more expensive one available! get a life PFF, nandyan ang EDSA, talon kayo lahat dyan!

Mr. Balibag, we feel your frustration and your sense of indignation. We could say so much more to explain what we have done and what we are going to do but that will probably not change the way you feel now.

All we can promise is that we will continue to work at fixing what needs to be fixed knowing that we will never be fully able to please everyone. That will not, however, stop us from trying.

The Philippine Football Federation

The Local Organizing Committee – 2014 FIFA World Cup TM Brazil Asian Preliminaries Round 2 Leg 2 – Philippines vs. Kuwait


24 Comments on “a letter to our fans regarding tickets for the 2014 fifa world cup brazil asian preliminaries round 2 leg 2 – PHILIPPINES VS. KUWAIT”

  1. dsfsdf says:

    in cahoots ang ibang ticketworld employees sa mga scalpers na mga yan.
    matagal nang problema yan eh di lang sa azkals game events kundi pati sa concerts etc.

  2. Rex Raymond says:

    Growing up pains for a nation only just now opening its eyes to what the rest of the world has known for the longest time: that it is, indeed, the beautiful game. Hope the interest is sustained enough to make even just a 50K stadium viable.


    • criticaleye2 says:

      Rex Raymond, we have already started to look at building a football-only stadium. As you can imagine, this will not be an easy undertaking and bears careful thought. Other than the major challenge of finding the funding to build such a stadium, we also need to examine the economic viability of such and the size at which a stadium will be viable to have. The cost associated with building a stadium is not only that for construction but also includes the cost of maintaining the stadium. We are being very careful in trying to make sure that we don’t fall into the trap of having all the hoopla of a new stadium then sadly watch it fall into disrepair due to the absence of sustaining funds to maintain it. Thank you for your suggestion and we ask that you keep the faith. Salamat.

    • Rex Raymond says:

      Yes you’re right. All the adulation is fickle at the moment and it will probably take at least a generation for it to really take root. My two cents’ worth on such a stadium is that you will probably have to factor in restaurants, shops and function rooms under the stands so if at all, the stadium can earn its keep even when there is no football. Enjoying all the attention football is getting, by the way. Never thought this would happen in my lifetime.

  3. qwertyness says:

    agree to that.. bukod sa palakasan system, eh madami talagng madaming manggagancho dito sa atin!!!! tsk!

  4. kalelbrave says:

    i have to agree to the comment above. i’m one of the unfortunate ones who wasn’t able to get the tickets since the ticketworld staff at EDSA Shang was not kind enough to double-check slots. i even said i only need 2 effin tickets but she won’t budge a bit, telling me to just get the 2k priced tix. since we’re on a student budget, can’t afford to get the 2k tix so after lining up so early in the morning, i ended up with nothing.

    but what caught my attention is this guy standing near the TicketWorld cashier, who’s suspiciously waiting for something. he looks super familiar then BOOM! i remembered the guy, one of the scalpers who you’ll always see sellin’ tickets at Araneta Coliseum. how do i know? i often watch basketball games & concerts at the big dome, he’s a regular there, i see him on almost any big event happening at Araneta.

    unlucky me, won’t be able to watch it live. won’t even consider watching it on TV coz it’ll excruciatingly painful to remember how i wasn’t able to get tickets.

  5. Emily says:

    dear PFF, we understand your point but it is so frustrating not being able to get a ticket for this match ..asking tickets from sponsors will not be enough, a 13,000-capacity stadium anyway wont be enough for football fans so the best thing u can do is get theaters to accommodate those who can’t be in the field, ala-Pacquiao fights…it’s as simple as that, this will end all probs including scalping…one theater for each sm mall, to be precise…pls dont forget fairview malls..thank u…God bless and more power..Emily

    • criticaleye2 says:

      Thank you very much for your comment. We are working on an arrangement similar to your suggestion but not yet on a scale that you envision. Please bear with us as we adjust to the reality that faces us – na marami talagang gustong manood. The growth of the popularity of the game has been exponential but as you can imagine the PFF is doing its best to try to keep up. Rest assured, we will seriously explore doing what you suggest, on the scale that you suggest in the near future. Ayaw din naman kasi namin na bara bara na lang, kailangan din ho namin pag-isipan ang mga bagay na ganito para maayos ang magiging resulta.

  6. nico quejano says:

    UAAP has this problem, good for PFF that they are addressing this now. but ticketworld and ticketnet people are always in cahoots with scalpers. i know this for a fact. we talked with some scalpers before. what the PFF could do is during the game itself, if anyone is selling the tickets outside the venue they should tell everyone to report it to them and get the tickets from these scalpers. (paying for them of course, but actual price) nothing more than that.

  7. Nikki Harris says:

    I went to TicketWorld last Saturday and I’m willing to pay for the P3000 tickets. But sadly “sold out” na daw lahat ng tickets sa 3k area to think 10 a.m. palang yun ha. SOLD OUT agad lahat 3k at 10 a.m. UNBELIEVABLE… Nalaman ko from TicketWorld din na hinold ng PFF lahat ng 3k tickets. Sana inannounce nila na hindi sila magbebenta ng 3k at hindi ako nagsayang ng oras.

  8. chris says:

    The PFF has, however, asked TicketWorld to check their transaction records to trace these transactions, if any. The PFF will look into the circumstances of these incidents and will consider INVALIDATING these transactions should these be warranted. <———- PLEASE INVALIDATE the transaction at national bookstore q.ave branch on July 16,2011 where in 2 individuals bought 100 tickets EACH! Ticketworld, Kindly check your sales records if you truly are committed in helping.

    • criticaleye2 says:

      TicketWorld communicated to the PFF today that they have called in the manager of the QC Avenue branch to explain the circumstances as described. We will await the explanation from TicketWorld and will take the appropriate action.

  9. Alfred says:

    All I can suggest — aside from strictly implementing the maximum number of tickets rule a person could buy — is that in the future, should the expected demand for tickets exceeds the supply, the PFF or TicketWorld should have a lottery system. Just what the FIFA does during the World Cup. Yes, it’s an additional burden to the organizing committee and it’s not scalper-proof, but in the end, this will give less stress to the fans — and it’s more convenient to the fans — as they don’t have to wait in line and end up with nothing.

    • criticaleye2 says:

      We examined adopting a lottery system as well as other mechanisms for the distribution of tickets prior to this event. We, however, were not able to complete our examination of these alternatives due to the limited period between the last match and the upcoming one. We will continue to look at these options and gain competency in their application before considering them for adoption. Thank you for your suggestion.

  10. tricia says:

    Thank you for making an effort to address fans’ issues on the sale of tickets, it shows that you do care what we think and how we feel and it’s much appreciated. I was one of those who fell in line very early, yet was not able to buy any tickets. Considering the huge demand, it was a risk I was willing to accept if only everyone had an equal chance to purchase the tickets. I think if the 10 ticket maximum per transaction policy was strictly and consistently implemented by all the Ticketworld outlets, it would’ve gone a long way in “regulating” the sale and hopefully discouraging scalpers in the process. I hope Ticketworld addresses this problem and ensures their personnel are properly briefed next time.

  11. tom balibag says:

    …sorry PFF for any hurt i made. but its so really frustrating, i love this beautiful game and its a different feeling watching the game live with people of your same blood. nobody can buy the moment and excitement, win or loss what is important is that you were there together embracing your team. its my dream that pinoy futbol is here to stay, alive and kicking. pero pano po natin mapapalago, matutunan nilang yakapin at mahalin ang futbol dito sa ating bansa kung ganito ang sistema, this really makes me mad and frustrated after i ended up nothing. ako po’y naniniwala na ang pagsulong nang pinoy futbol sa ating bansa ay mabubuhay kung sabay sabay at may patas na oportunidad lumahok sino man at san ka mang siudad o isla. sulong Azkals at mabuhay ang futbol sa Pilipinas!

    • criticaleye2 says:

      No need to apologize Sir. We need the feedback whether it hurts or not. As with you, we are also frustrated and unsatisfied with the current system. We will continue to look for a better solution as we learn along the way. Sana ho hindi kayo mawawalan ng tiwala na ginagawa namin and aming makakaya para mapabuti ang ating sistema.

  12. tim says:

    bakit po sa ticket booth sa rizal stadium nong laban ng azkals vs sri lanka ilang beses po ako nag ask ng ticket pra sa upper grand or lower lagi pong sinasbi na wala pong available pero sa kakaabang ko po sa ticket booth nakita ko po ng foreigner po ang nag ask bigla po my offer sila n available ang upper at lower grand.namimili po ba kayo ng bibintahan ng ticket? filipino ako,filipino ang may laban nasa pilipinas tayo bakit po ganun ang patkaran nyo pinipili nyo ang bibigyan nyo ng ticket na komportable….para po sa impormasyon nyo taga quezon province po ako nagtyga akong pumila tapos ganun ang na experience ko

    • criticaleye2 says:

      Salamat ho sa pagpaparating niyo sa amin ng inyong karanasan. Hindi ho namin patakaran na pumili kung sino lang puwede bumili ng tiket. Ipaparating ho namin ang inyong hinaing sa pamunuan ng TicketWorld para makagawa sila ng hakbang para hindi na maulit ang nangyari sa iyo.

  13. grunertee says:

    Hala may gancho pala na nangyayari sa Ticketworld. Basta kaperahan naman o. Ano ba?! We just want to watch the beautiful game! Stop milking people! Salamat sa space dito.

  14. Sherwin says:

    Thank you for sharing the letter Sir Bonnie. This somehow eases the pain, frustrations and disappointments we felt last Saturday in trying to get tickets. Me and together with my friends were one of the many fans who tried but failed to sec…ure tickets, both online and OTC. We just hope that proper actions will be taken to what had happened last Saturday. We’re still hopeful that there will be ticket re-selling to accomodate the now futbol loving Pinoys.

  15. Bob says:

    Just stop allowing reservations. Simple as that. Everyone will have an equal chance. I was 7th in line and failed to get a ticket.

  16. alquanna says:

    Dapat babaan din yung ticket limit – parang UAAP system dapat, na one ticket per person lang talaga. Masyado nang malaki yung 10 ticket limit; kahit naman 10 ang friends mo, edi papilahin mo na rin sila.

    At sa scalpers, IIRC sa UAAP Cheerdance hindi makalapit ang scalpers sa Araneta noon kasi strict ang security. Kahit meron pa rin scalpers, at least mas mahirap maghanap at mas patago, compared sa medyo lantarang bentahan sa me Harrison Plaza last match (inalok kami ng tix noon, pero meron na kami).

    For the alloted tickets – ex. local football clubs from the provinces – ilagay na kung ilan ang naka-allot sa kanila, para hindi na rin mag-expect masyado ang other fans na 13k ang mabebenta talaga.

  17. Maui says:

    Sana merong outlets dito sa Cavite, yung website kasi ng ticetworld 10am ang selling pero hindi ko na maopen tsaka ubos na, pumunta pa ako ng Manila nung hapon para bumili pero pagdating ko wala na. Ang hirap kaya! Mangiyak-ngiyak ako nun. Sobrang nakakainis!!!! Sana yung maximum 5 lang tapos binantayan niyo yung mga outlets kung may sumusobra sa maximum. Ang mabuti nyan balewalain yung mga unang tickets tapos bigyan ng refund yung mga bumili tapos gumawa ng panibago, meron pa namang 4 days para makapagbenta at makabili yung mga fans. Sana may aksyon din na gawin para sa mga gustong bumili sa labas ng Manila, sobrang nakakainis kasi at nakapanlulumo yung mga nangyri samin eh, eto pa naman yung pinakahihintay naming game. Malakas ang Kuwait kaya gusto naming sumoporta pero wala. WALANG TICKETS. :l

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