where are we headed mr. president?


MAKATI, Philippines – The first 100 days have come and gone. The honeymoon is over.

A lot of people faulted your first State of the Nation Address for not having provided us with enough of a vision of where you were taking us.  That was actually not too big a deal for me.  The SONA for me showed enough action being done to sort of condone the seeming lack of that vision.  You could say that we could read between the lines and figure out at least some sense of what the underlying raison d etre is.

A sense of direction, the vision could maybe allow us to forgive the missteps along the way as long as the passion and steely determination remained for reaching that promised destination.

Thirty three days past the first 100 days, however, I do not know whether you know yourself where you are headed. What happens when the goodwill, the political capital dissipates with all the mistakes, the blunders, the missteps and “the wine sucks” comments?

So Mr. President, where exactly are we headed?