I wonder what happened to…


Image by juan tan kwon via Flickr

MAKATI, Philippines – …former Senator Ernesto Maceda’s promise that “the PMP will definitely file graft charges against Villar after the elections.”

…former Governor Ace Barbers’ promise to name the operator who approached him with an offer to fix the election in his favor in exchange for P50 million and to produce those meteorological reports showing it only rained in the precincts he considers his bailiwicks.

…former Representative Annie Susano’s “CFC” cards.

…the investigation into Representative Mikey Arroyo’s SALN.

…Mar Roxas’ election protest.

…the investigation into the various types of election paraphernalia found in a garbage dump in Cagayan de Oro.

…Manoling Morato’s handwritten “kodigo”.

…those seemingly mysterious election documents in various precincts in Makati.

…@PCOSmachine on Twitter.

…the Marcos billions.

Sigh – to err is human, to forgive is divine but to forget is to doom us to the same “circus” all over again.


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