The MANILA ENVELOPE – Powerpoint Slides, Ka Erdie & Dreamland

MAKATI, Philippines – I felt like a fish taking to water today. It’s hard to feel like you’re home when your family’s not with you. Other than that (which is a big other than that), I really felt like I was home. It was a good day shooting the breeze with both old and new friends, rediscovering old haunts and getting drenched in the rain spawned by Typhoon Labuyo.

I happened to chance upon the Iloilo-Guimaras Investment Forum which just happened to be at the hotel I was staying in. I was pleasantly surprised that the politicos who made their pitches to potential investors actually did a good job. I expected them to be more like – “you need me more than I need you” – but they actually made very well-prepared presentations with perfectly synchronized PowerPoint slides (just a pet peeve). I was also happy to see and hear Rex Drilon – president of the Iloilo Economic Development Foundation – admit to mistakes made in the past. This is quite a refreshing turn from your run of the mill investor pitches where accountability has not been a strong suit. I just hope that Mr. Drilon and his group keep plugging along and persist in their quest.

The government just declared Monday to be another one of those non-working holidays to mourn the passing of Ka Erdie Manalo – the head of Iglesia ni Kristo. This follows the non-working holiday this past Monday and another one on Monday, September 21st. Phew, three 3-day weekends within a month. How cool is that? Apparently not that cool as some comments I found will attest.

“sus mga tamad!”

“bkit ganon?? ginawang holiday??? i’m not totally against to the INC, but please use your common sense naman, mas malaki ang population ng catholic kaysa INC. ung INC puro dirty politics lang naman ang alam ng mga yan.”

“ginagamit lang yan sa politics ang inc.malapit na naman kasi ang halalan.sayang nga naman ang boto ng inc kung sa pambato ng malacanang mapupunta.pandagdag din kahit mas nakakarami ang katoliko sa pilipinas.”

Probably indicative of how low the people’s trust and confidence has sunk to such depths that people actually complain about not having to work. Oh well…

Overheard this from a gathering of some of the old guard this morning.

“Alam mo Governor mali ka diyan, eh. Hindi naman natalo si Marcos kay Cory na yan, eh…”

Welcome to Dreamland…

…and with that I am off to Dreamland (the one with your eyes closed)…


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